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Spring Reflections – NOW AVAILABLE!!!

sr600It has been a long, long… long time coming!

Spring Reflections is DONE!!!

What is funny… is, I cannot remember when I started this project. My good friend and fellow Guitarist Damon Buxton might remember? I say that because at the time I was working to complete a seasonal series… Summer Reflections, Autumn Reflections, Winter Reflections… all of which were submitted to Many Miles Music, Damon’s Seattle based instrumental label. Anyway… I completed Summer, Autumn and Winter Reflections… and then started working on Spring Reflections… then I went dry!

I think the reason I went dry is that I LOVED the first three songs so much, that I was terrified that I couldn’t live up to those songs? A year later… I wrote and recorded “The Opening Of Windows” and again got scared I couldn’t reach that level again. To be honest… I have no idea why I felt that way… I just did and the project went on hold!

In midst of all this, I started recorded with Will Ackerman… and talk about feeling alive again! I LOVED that whole experience… Will is a precious man who knows how to get the best out of an artist! I love the gift he has been in my life! Anyway… due to some unforeseen financial mishaps… I am not able to complete that effort and it remains one of my saddest efforts. Only because it seems soooooo far out of my reach to get this project done financially. I have obligations in regard to that effort… and I hoping and praying that one those will be met and I can proceed with this recording with Will!

So… another year passes and I have not released any projects in a while and I finally resolved myself that it might be a long time before I am able to complete the project with Will Ackerman. Letting go of a dream is painful… but, I still harbor a hope within me!


I gathered my courage… sat down, rolled up my sleeves and decided it is time to FINISH Spring Reflections.

I cleaned up my studio… made a space for working and went about the business of writing and recording… and it has been a blessing on so many levels. It feels really good to have this project done!

It with great excitement that I FINALLY offer you… my wonderful listeners, SPRING REFLECTIONS!!!

$7.99 Download @ Bandcamp


Presently this is available on my Bandcamp site for a $7.99 Download! Within the next couple of weeks… Spring Reflections will be available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Spotify, etc. Stay tuned for info in regard to that!

I would like to thank Damon Buxton, Will Ackerman, Masako, Alejandro Clavijo, Ashley Behlings, and countless others for the endless amounts of encouragement… I am a blessed man to have friends like you!

The Gathering – ZMR Album of the Year!

gatheringI am thrilled to announce that “The Gathering” was voted as the BEST ALBUM of The YEAR at the 9th Annual ZMR Music Awards!

I have been a musician/guitarist since 1978… and I bought my first Will Ackerman/Windham Hill record in 1982. The name of the record was “Passage” and to this very day… remains my most favorite Will Ackerman release.

I’ll never forget the first time I place the needle on the grooves of this record… the sound of wonder and beauty filled the basement apartment I was living in at the time. My imagination ran wild with creativity and I started right then and there… dreaming of recording an album of instrumental guitar music… as beautiful as “Passage.”

Years have passed… many road miles later… endless packs of guitar strings have come and gone… and now I am in my 50′s… still dreaming and striving to record elegant, beautiful music!

I know one day… one day I will be able to complete my project with Will Ackerman… but now for now, I have the most amazing blessing of being included on “The Gathering!” Not only was my photo featured on the cover (a tree a few miles down the road from where I live here in South Dakota), but my song “Forever” was included as well!

What an amazing blessing to be apart of a wonderful, world class cast of artists! Album of the Year… what an amazing blessing!

This is something I will cherish for many, many… many years to come!

The Gathering – now available in Australia

I dunno if you’ve ever had a dream come true in your life… I have…

Working with Will Ackerman has been an incredible experience… and of course, a dream come true! Although my project is presently on hold due to finances… it is still something I hold dear within my heart and life and I hope one day to have the proper funding to complete my project with Will! Gotta have faith…

gatheringAnyway… one wonderful blessing from the Will Ackerman connection is “The Gathering!”

The Gathering is a handpicked collection of songs from 22 artists recently produced by Grammy winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. It features my photography (cover photo) and one of my songs “Forever.”

Well… I just received word that The Gathering is now being distributed by ABC Records in Australia!!!

I am profoundly humbled and blessed by this news!!! What a privilege and blessing!!!

“Forever” highlighted in Zone Music reporter

Here’s a recent comment in regard to my song “Forever.” This song was featured on the Will Ackerman sampler “The Gathering.”

I could easily learn to play Forever, a song by guitarist Ken Verheecke. I say that because the tune is quite simple, but the implications are astounding. I have to admit that I found the song to be sad, but not in a way created by despair, but rather by melancholy. There is a subdued sweetness to the tune that suggests promises made and love formed in the deepest place of the heart. The song would be right at home as a theme to a love story or a daytime drama. I listened to this song so many times that I think I could play it the way it was meant to be…by heart.


I have no words to say how humbled I am by this… I’m just some guy who lives in little ole Piedmont, SD… this humbles me and simply put, I am overwhelmed…

Click here to read full review of The Gathering…

The Gathering – Number ONE for 2012

gatheringHere it is… the CD sampler from Will Ackerman’s label West River Records “The Gathering” is the ONE release for 2012!!!

Click here to view list!!!

My song “Forever” was featured on this amazing sampler disc… BUT, I am almost more proud of the fact that my photo was used on the album cover!!!  What an amazing year it was!