I need your help!!!

As some of you know… I have been blessed to work and record with Will Ackerman!  It has been a dream come true and we’re about 60% done and I need to raise some funding to complete this work.

If you can give something… every little bit helps!!!

Will Ackerman is a Grammy Award Winning Guitarist and Producer.  Working with Will has been one of my life’s greatest gifts!  On two occasions I was able to travel to Vermont to record at Will’s world class studio IMAGINARY ROADS STUDIO.  Using only the finest mics and recording gear… we have captured some wonderfully amazing moments already!  I KNOW without a doubt… this recording with be the recording you’ve always felt I could make.  It will be my life’s best work!!!

Thank you for considering funding this project!  To learn more about this work… watch some of the videos posted on this blog to see the process in action.

Together… let’s make this recording into a CD so world can know the peace and comfort I have found in creating this music!

To DONATE, CLICK HERE!!!  Thank you so much!!!

Day 5 at Imaginary Road Studios

I am back home in South Dakota… what a wild week it was in Vermont and not just wild, but… very productive too!

Tony Levin recorded bass on several tracks from “Drifting Into The Sublime” and that was such a treat!  Tom Eaton who is Will’s amazing engineer added some piano and percussion as well!  Check out the video below…

Tom also added some gorgeous piano to my song “Gravity Of Faith” which is fast becoming my favorite track!!!  Let me also note that Will added some Hopi Drum to this track as well…

Noah Wildling stopped by as well to add gorgeous vocals…

So we’re slowly getting there!  Stay tuned!!!  There’s so much more to come!

“The Gravity Of Faith”

Some things come along in life that you know… without any doubt changes you forever!

For me… recording and working with Will Ackerman, and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios is one of those defining moments… and what makes it even better is when an unexpected song arrives and is composed right there in the studio… in between takes. Last week this occurred on a overcast, chilly day in Vermont. The song that came to life that day was a song I decided to title, “The Gravity Of Faith.”

Will was so excited about the piece… he went and grabbed his guitar and began to overdub parts for the track… needless to say, it was so beautiful, so sublime!

There is more to be done with this piece… but here’s a sneaky peek!