Tony Levin

The fun stuff starts!

Yesterday was a great day at Imaginary Road Studios!!!

Tony Levin… the amazing, Tony Levin added his bass to 5 tracks from “Drifting Into The Sublime.”  What a pleasure it was to meet him and watch him work!  After the sessions, Tony and I went out to have dinner.  As he put it… “let’s go out and set Route 5 ablaze!”  We found a small… empty Italian Pasta Restaurant.  Turns out that Tony LOVES Italian food so we stopped.  It was a perfect choice as we were the only one’s there and the family that owns the place were fun to listen to… thick accents.  Of course I should note… the food was amazingly good… BIG Calzones!!!  Tony joked that he was going to somehow finish his… and somehow he did.  I almost made it though mine… but came up short, but… man, it was wonderful.  We talked about our family backgrounds and had a great time getting to know each other!  Tony had some nice things to say about my songs… and “Lake Of Remembrance” was his fave as it actually challenged him!  I guess the timing was somewhat odd and he remarked that it was almost like a King Crimson song… I beamed endlessly after hearing that!

Today the fun stuff continues!!!

Will is planning to add some guitar to one more song!  Tom Eaton is going to add some piano to “Sunset” and by the way… he already tracked piano for “The Gravity Of Faith” and I get goose bumps whenever I think about how good his performance was on that piece!

Noah Wildling is coming to the studio to add some vocals and I should note, Will is planning to add a Hopi Drum part to the “The Gravity Of Faith.”

SO… the fun stuff starts again!

Back in the studio

I am back in Vermont!!!

I arrived in Brattleboro, VT Monday, well… more like 1 am Tuesday morning after flying from Rapid City, South Dakota to Denver, then to Newark, NJ… where I was delayed for almost an extra 2 hours or so… waiting, waiting… waiting to board a flight to Albany.  At any rate… I did make it to Albany after they de-iced the plane for about 30 mins… which btw is no fun to think about before you fly!  Thankfully I made into Albany and drove to Vermont… only to be met with snowy and icy roads through the mountains.

Anyway… after an interesting day of travel, I made it and settled into my room for the night in Vermont and fell asleep around 3 am or so.

After a wonderful breakfast at Will’s place… we started working around 10 am on the last section of basic guitar tracks, about 6 more songs… so it was a long day!

I am happy to say…we’re pretty much done and Will and I are discussing maybe adding one more song, but for all intents and purposes… we’re done!

Tom Eaton has already added some gorgeous piano to a couple songs… oh man, it was beautiful!  I can’t wait for you all to hear this!

Today… Tony Levin will be adding some bass parts.  Tony is an amazing musician… he worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Sting!  I can’t wait to head over to the studio to experience this next phase of the recording!  So here’s to another great and an amazing day!