Spring Reflections – NOW AVAILABLE!!!

sr600It has been a long, long… long time coming!

Spring Reflections is DONE!!!

What is funny… is, I cannot remember when I started this project. My good friend and fellow Guitarist Damon Buxton might remember? I say that because at the time I was working to complete a seasonal series… Summer Reflections, Autumn Reflections, Winter Reflections… all of which were submitted to Many Miles Music, Damon’s Seattle based instrumental label. Anyway… I completed Summer, Autumn and Winter Reflections… and then started working on Spring Reflections… then I went dry!

I think the reason I went dry is that I LOVED the first three songs so much, that I was terrified that I couldn’t live up to those songs? A year later… I wrote and recorded “The Opening Of Windows” and again got scared I couldn’t reach that level again. To be honest… I have no idea why I felt that way… I just did and the project went on hold!

In midst of all this, I started recorded with Will Ackerman… and talk about feeling alive again! I LOVED that whole experience… Will is a precious man who knows how to get the best out of an artist! I love the gift he has been in my life! Anyway… due to some unforeseen financial mishaps… I am not able to complete that effort and it remains one of my saddest efforts. Only because it seems soooooo far out of my reach to get this project done financially. I have obligations in regard to that effort… and I hoping and praying that one those will be met and I can proceed with this recording with Will!

So… another year passes and I have not released any projects in a while and I finally resolved myself that it might be a long time before I am able to complete the project with Will Ackerman. Letting go of a dream is painful… but, I still harbor a hope within me!


I gathered my courage… sat down, rolled up my sleeves and decided it is time to FINISH Spring Reflections.

I cleaned up my studio… made a space for working and went about the business of writing and recording… and it has been a blessing on so many levels. It feels really good to have this project done!

It with great excitement that I FINALLY offer you… my wonderful listeners, SPRING REFLECTIONS!!!

$7.99 Download @ Bandcamp


Presently this is available on my Bandcamp site for a $7.99 Download! Within the next couple of weeks… Spring Reflections will be available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Spotify, etc. Stay tuned for info in regard to that!

I would like to thank Damon Buxton, Will Ackerman, Masako, Alejandro Clavijo, Ashley Behlings, and countless others for the endless amounts of encouragement… I am a blessed man to have friends like you!

Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)

When composing a guitar piece… I sometimes imagine nature and various sounds created in the world we live in. As I sat and imagined (composing) this piece… in my heart and mind, I could almost hear the sound of light rain falling… I hope you’re able to hear that as well. Here’s what I completed this morning in the studio… “Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)”

CD release info coming soon…

An Awakening

This is one of my favorites songs that I recorded a couple years back!

It was originally intended for a project I never completed called “Spring Reflections.”  I may have to work on that someday and get it done!!!

Anyway… the song did make it onto my “Reflections” project which was a compilation of songs taken from the “Reflections” series. The video isn’t all that great… but I hope you enjoy the song none the less!