Recording has begun

Yes indeed… I have finally sat down and started to complete my next release!

I started yesterday… with a piece I am presently calling Song #1. As of a few days ago I was planning to do a solo guitar album… and that was a neat idea and thought, but I have far too many beautiful melodies and production ideas in my head. I think what will happen is that there will be some solo pieces, as well as ensemble pieces on this project.

Anyway… no matter what happens, I think the best course for me is to simply follow the inspiration! That’s how I like to work anyway!

So… I am beginning my day editing the basic guitar track for Song #1.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.24.34 AM

After I am able to complete the edit… I am hoping to start the next track/song. Basically laying down the basic tracks and then overdubbing additional instrumentation as I go!

Everything is sounding great and I am excited! You all have much to look forward to!!!

I am good to go!!!

A passion to record & create…

kv1985As some of you know… I have been busy cleaning and organizing my office/studio space. Who knew I had so much stuff lying around… I guess I didn’t! At any rate… it’s been nice to get things cleaned up and the trash can is already full. Too bad pick up is this coming Tuesday… I got more stuff to rid myself of!

Anyway… while I was cleaning, I came across and old photo of me recording in a studio in Black Hawk, SD. The year was 1985… the studio was owned by my good friend Monte Madison and it was called “Morning Star Studios.”

The pic is sorta funny… and what in the world are those doofy glasses? I definitely wasn’t going for style here! After all… I was working… insert laughter here!

All kidding and fun stuff aside… it was nice to remember… I’ve always had a passion to record and create! It’s what I am meant to do… pressing on!

Back to basics

Well… the moment I try to work and record the completion of a project that has been on hold for quite some time and I am referring to Spring Reflections… I run into some issues that are prevent this goal from happening at this time.

I won’t go into all the boring details behind the issue… but I will note the solution I have decided upon!

kvguitarI was out running this morning… racking my brain as to what I can do to make this project a reality I came upon an idea that is bold, yet scary for me!

So here goes…

Instead of trying to do a fully produced guitar with ensemble project (like the Reflections series features)… I am going to start and complete an all solo instrumental guitar project. It may not have the title of Spring Reflections… then again it might, haven’t decided. But… going with this approach frees me up to go for it as I have the resources to do such a project!

I am excited… but, at the same time… slightly nervous as I desire to focus on melody and not just chording through a piece. This will be challenging on so many levels… but the way I feel right now, I am up for it!

It’s time to trim the nails and get on with it!!!

Been awhile…

Greets to whomever is reading this blog…

I haven’t been on in awhile… and I need to get back into the swing of things. It’s just I’ve been discouraged about not be able to complete my recording with Will Ackerman. Of course I WILL at some point, but… presently it is on hold due to funding.

I tried two Kickstarter campaigns and we failed to reach out budget goals.

I don’t know what to do… and of course that is slightly frustrating. So… that’s what is weighing on my heart these days, but I will try to post more often and keep this site moving forward. Thanks in advance for those who do read this blog from time to time!