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It’s HERE!!!

The Best of Reviews New Age: The Guitar was just released!!! I am thrilled, honored and extremely blessed to be apart of this project… and of course I have made mention of that before, but… I can’t help it… I am excited!

Once again, please allow me to note that the CD not only features my song “Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)” but it also features my landscape photography! Somebody pinch me… this ain’t a dream.

The recording is now available on iTunes, AmazonMP3 as well as other outlets as well… get your copy today!!!

I was asked in a Facebook message from a friend what was it that inspired my song “Renewal…”

I thought it would be nice to share my reply here as well!

I love how music can paint pictures in one’s mind. As child and growing up through the years, I was frowned upon for being an “airhead.” My mind was always day dreaming… while not being ‘focus’ on things that others felt I should have paid more attention to. For many years I felt as though something was wrong with me. I now understand that this was how I was created… I am an artist and that’s where my heart and passion lies. I want to use the songs of my heart and life to create a picture of beauty. “Renewal…” captures that feeling of opening one’s window to listen to the gently falling spring rain… washing away the feeling of a bitter long cold winter, and embracing the warmth of the new season. The chord profession, as well as the falling gut string melodies mimic that sound. Much like a painter uses brush strokes and color to create a picture, I hope to use musical notes and melodies to capture a moment in time. What a privilege it is to be an artist… I am blessed beyond measure!


I hope you all enjoy this release… I am listening to it as we speak! I am indeed blessed beyond measure!

Photography and music!

I am soooooo excited to share some news with you all!

“The Best of Reviews New Age: The Guitar” is about to be released!!!

The release is the 4th sampler I’ve had the privilege to be apart of! “Winter Gifts” started it all… a release that was put forth by Damon Buxton’s Many Miles Label. Damon has become a great friend and HUGE supporter of this music of my heart and life… and it was a HUGE thrilled to be featured on that particular sampler.

Next was the award winning and best selling “The Gathering” which was made available through Will Ackerman’s new label West River Records. As many of you know… Will is a great musician, and producer. He’s worked with the best and of the best in the contemporary instrumental music field. This release featured not only my song “Forever,” but it also featured my photography! The featured photo was taken of a tree… just a few miles from my house. Again… another HUGE thrill!!!

Then came Winter Gifts II from Damon’s Many Miles music label! My song “A Place Called Home” from the CD of the same name was featured this time. I listen to to that release often… it’s one of my all time faves!!!

guitarNOW may I introduce¬†“The Best of Reviews New Age: The Guitar.” The forthcoming sampler that is soon to be release from Alejandro Clavijo, Founder & Editor of Reviews New Age based in Spain. Last year he released a Piano sampler and it was also an award winning release… and a BEST selling release on iTunes in Europe! I am once again thrilled to be included and this release features my song “Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)” from my CD release “Spring Reflections.” But… not only is my song featured… but my photography as well. Several landscape shots (what I am becoming known for) we’re used on the CD jacket and I cannot wait to get my copy!

“I’ve always been a huge fan of photography and have a modest collection which includes Alfred Steiglitz, O Winston Link, Christopher James and Shinzo Maeda among many others. Ken Verheecke’s landscape work is some of the finest I’ve seen in my life and I’m delighted he’s chosen to make his photography as well as his music available to the world.” ~ Will Ackerman

As I finish this post… I am extremely thankful for all that has taken place with the music of my heart and life… and of course that so many deem my photography worthy to featured on CD releases. I am blessed beyond measure!!!

Much love & thanks to¬†Alejandro Clavijo and the many artists on this wonderful forthcoming release… it is an honor to be placed on a recording along the worlds best guitarists!!! THANK YOU!!!

Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)

When composing a guitar piece… I sometimes imagine nature and various sounds created in the world we live in. As I sat and imagined (composing) this piece… in my heart and mind, I could almost hear the sound of light rain falling… I hope you’re able to hear that as well. Here’s what I completed this morning in the studio… “Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)”

CD release info coming soon…

You Were Meant To Soar – Video Preview

Yesterday morning & today, we were seriously snowed in here in Western SD… so I’ve been sitting in my office/studio looking out my window watching the snow come down. It’s lovely in a lot of ways… and the rhythm of the snow falling has a way of causing my memory to drift to a simpler time.

I am not sure why I revert so often to my dad… or the memories of my dad… but I just do…

Anyway… I found myself drifting off into the memories of watching my dad build kites from newspaper and wood. I was about 5 years old at the time… and my dad would sit me on a chair in the kitchen as he would cut balsa wood, string and newspaper… eventually forming a kite that was meant to soar!

Back then we didn’t have electronics to occupy out time… it didn’t take much to entertain ourselves… do you remember such times too?

Well… once the kite was done, my dad and I would head out into the backyard and ready the kite for flight!

Once the kite was airborne I would sit next to my dad and watch the kite dance upon the wind!

It was during such times my dad would speak into my life and being and I’ll forget him saying these words… “Ken, you are meant to soar… you are made to dance upon the wind!’ He would continue… “Ken… whatever you want to do in life, you can do it! The only limitations you’ll ever experience are the limitations you place upon yourself!”

So yesterday… as I remembered… as I considered… I simply wrote another piece in memory of dad. *misty eyed*

It is called “You were meant to soar.”

I recorded late into the night… into the quiet hours…

Recording has begun

Yes indeed… I have finally sat down and started to complete my next release!

I started yesterday… with a piece I am presently calling Song #1. As of a few days ago I was planning to do a solo guitar album… and that was a neat idea and thought, but I have far too many beautiful melodies and production ideas in my head. I think what will happen is that there will be some solo pieces, as well as ensemble pieces on this project.

Anyway… no matter what happens, I think the best course for me is to simply follow the inspiration! That’s how I like to work anyway!

So… I am beginning my day editing the basic guitar track for Song #1.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.24.34 AM

After I am able to complete the edit… I am hoping to start the next track/song. Basically laying down the basic tracks and then overdubbing additional instrumentation as I go!

Everything is sounding great and I am excited! You all have much to look forward to!!!

I am good to go!!!