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Another Review for “The Gathering”

Best Instrumental Songs Review: The Gathering by Will Ackerman.

When deciding on a review title for Will Ackerman’s collection of contemporary instrumental songs, the first caption that came to mind involved the word best. There are several reasons why I gave The Gathering a desirable best instrumental song collection title, and I am prepared to give the reasons why. Synonymous with quality music, the name Will Ackerman alone seems to shout excellence! This is apparent, whether it is his own music recording, or one of the 20 plus gold and platinum albums he produced throughout his 35 year professional career.

The Gathering is the newest 2012 instrumental music compilation album from the acclaimed, GRAMMY® Award winning guitarist and producer Will Ackerman. Featuring an exclusive music collection of 22 top-quality songs by 22 great artists,The Gathering is a decisive who’s who of the best quality artists Will Ackerman selected for this release, out of the many fine musicians who had their album produced at his state-of-the-art Imaginary Road Studios.

Will Ackerman is famous worldwide for his production talents as founder Windham Hill Records, and his strong influence in the instrumental music recording industry yesteryear and today. In addition to his role as producer, Will Ackerman is an award-winning composer and guitarist, having performed a vital role in launching the careers of many award-winning artists. Over the past 35 years Will Ackerman has produced albums for over eighty four artists. Some of the most notable artists are Alex de Grassi, Michael Hedges, Michael Manring, Shadowfax, Liz Story and George Winston.

The Gathering by Will Ackerman is an excellent compilation album with 22 of the best contemporary instrumental songs on Will Ackerman’s West River Records label. Famous for founding Windham Hill Records, the legacy of the highest quality artists endures on Will Ackerman’s West River Records label.

The Imaginary Road Studio today engages the expertise of producer and engineer Tom Eaton. Taking the high road in quality studio productions, William Ackerman and Tom Eaton’s expertize help artists embolden their music compositions with grace, elegance and imagination.

Visit and the Imaginary Road Studios. You can sample or purchase The Gathering at Listed below are the 22 artists and 22 song credits for The Gathering 2012 compilation release.

The Gathering – Various Artists Produced by Will Ackerman

I am thrilled and excited to tell you about this new release produced by Will Ackerman!  It features my photography as well as my one of my songs as well!

The Gathering is a handpicked collection of songs from 22 artists recently produced by Grammy winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.

The music is available here: The Gathering

I have a limited amount of CD’s so order your copy today! Or… download at a reduced price. I hope you enjoy this release as well as the video preview of my song, featured on this release!

I need your help!!!

As some of you know… I have been blessed to work and record with Will Ackerman!  It has been a dream come true and we’re about 60% done and I need to raise some funding to complete this work.

If you can give something… every little bit helps!!!

Will Ackerman is a Grammy Award Winning Guitarist and Producer.  Working with Will has been one of my life’s greatest gifts!  On two occasions I was able to travel to Vermont to record at Will’s world class studio IMAGINARY ROADS STUDIO.  Using only the finest mics and recording gear… we have captured some wonderfully amazing moments already!  I KNOW without a doubt… this recording with be the recording you’ve always felt I could make.  It will be my life’s best work!!!

Thank you for considering funding this project!  To learn more about this work… watch some of the videos posted on this blog to see the process in action.

Together… let’s make this recording into a CD so world can know the peace and comfort I have found in creating this music!

To DONATE, CLICK HERE!!!  Thank you so much!!!

Jeff Haynes at Imaginary Road Studios

As much as I wanted to be in Vermont this week… I was unable to, but… thanks to wonders of technology I was able to be apart of sessions with Jeff Haynes!

Jeff plays percussion for Pat Metheny and our banter through Skype was brief, but… fun!  He’s a good soul… there’s no doubt!

Here’s a peek into the sessions through Skype… not the greatest view and sound in the world, but it will give you an idea of how things are going as this project proceeds.

The track that is featured here is the “end vamp” to my song “Forever.”  Please note that this is raw and pretty bare as there is so much more going on in the track.  As usual… I am excited and cannot wait to share this music with the world!

In the studio… thru Skype?

Today is the day that Jeff Haynes comes to Imaginary Road Studios to add percussion to some the (Will Ackerman & Tom Eaton produced) tracks I’ve recorded for my upcoming release “Drifting Into The Sublime.”

You may have heard for Jeff Haynes… he’s Pat Metheny’s percussionist!

Anyway… what is totally amazing is, since I am unable to be in Vermont this week… I will be present in the studio for these sessions thru Skype!  Oh man… you gotta love technology!

So… more to come as this project progresses!