Ed Gerhard

Avalon Roads

I am a HUGE fan of Ed Gerhard’s music! He compositions are amazingly tender, solid and economical in it’s approach. It’s the “less is more” approach and I am drawn to that type of playing!

Recently I decided to learn his version of Si Bhig Si Mhor. It’s a gorgeous Irish piece often played with rousing approach… but, Ed’s version is tender and slow… “lyrical” as Ed would say.

Anyway… his tuning approach is DADGBD (tuned down a half step).

I tuned my Eastman exactly like Ed’s to match his recording of the song and as I started to “drill” the piece… I started to enjoy this tuning approach. Being an easily distracted musician… I started to play with the tuning and soon I had a compositional idea and I started to write a new piece called Avalon Roads.

It’s FUNNY how that often happens… learning a new song and tuning approach can often lead to a new song!

Well… I am planning to record this piece soon, so… hopefully I’ll have preview for you to listen to within the next week.

Now… maybe I should get back to learning the piece I started huh?