Many thanks to my european audience!

Every once in awhile I like to check YouTube to see if there are any new videos created by listeners from around the globe… but I have to say, my european audience are simply the most active in created videos with my music!

Here’s an offering from Spain I believe…

Seed Of Change from the CD “Summer Reflections”


I LOVE how much potential the acoustic guitar has… at times it seems limitless!

Michael Hedges blew the doors off of what the acoustic guitar could do back in the early 80′s (check out Aerial Boundaries)… and ever since then, there have been many guitarists following the path of Hedge’s tapping approach.  I’ve heard some good one’s over the years… but recently I discovered Jon Gomm’s piece “Topeka.”

It’s excellent!!!

An Awakening

This is one of my favorites songs that I recorded a couple years back!

It was originally intended for a project I never completed called “Spring Reflections.”  I may have to work on that someday and get it done!!!

Anyway… the song did make it onto my “Reflections” project which was a compilation of songs taken from the “Reflections” series. The video isn’t all that great… but I hope you enjoy the song none the less!