Spring Reflections

Spring Reflections – NOW AVAILABLE!!!

sr600It has been a long, long… long time coming!

Spring Reflections is DONE!!!

What is funny… is, I cannot remember when I started this project. My good friend and fellow Guitarist Damon Buxton might remember? I say that because at the time I was working to complete a seasonal series… Summer Reflections, Autumn Reflections, Winter Reflections… all of which were submitted to Many Miles Music, Damon’s Seattle based instrumental label. Anyway… I completed Summer, Autumn and Winter Reflections… and then started working on Spring Reflections… then I went dry!

I think the reason I went dry is that I LOVED the first three songs so much, that I was terrified that I couldn’t live up to those songs? A year later… I wrote and recorded “The Opening Of Windows” and again got scared I couldn’t reach that level again. To be honest… I have no idea why I felt that way… I just did and the project went on hold!

In midst of all this, I started recorded with Will Ackerman… and talk about feeling alive again! I LOVED that whole experience… Will is a precious man who knows how to get the best out of an artist! I love the gift he has been in my life! Anyway… due to some unforeseen financial mishaps… I am not able to complete that effort and it remains one of my saddest efforts. Only because it seems soooooo far out of my reach to get this project done financially. I have obligations in regard to that effort… and I hoping and praying that one those will be met and I can proceed with this recording with Will!

So… another year passes and I have not released any projects in a while and I finally resolved myself that it might be a long time before I am able to complete the project with Will Ackerman. Letting go of a dream is painful… but, I still harbor a hope within me!


I gathered my courage… sat down, rolled up my sleeves and decided it is time to FINISH Spring Reflections.

I cleaned up my studio… made a space for working and went about the business of writing and recording… and it has been a blessing on so many levels. It feels really good to have this project done!

It with great excitement that I FINALLY offer you… my wonderful listeners, SPRING REFLECTIONS!!!

$7.99 Download @ Bandcamp


Presently this is available on my Bandcamp site for a $7.99 Download! Within the next couple of weeks… Spring Reflections will be available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Spotify, etc. Stay tuned for info in regard to that!

I would like to thank Damon Buxton, Will Ackerman, Masako, Alejandro Clavijo, Ashley Behlings, and countless others for the endless amounts of encouragement… I am a blessed man to have friends like you!

Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)

When composing a guitar piece… I sometimes imagine nature and various sounds created in the world we live in. As I sat and imagined (composing) this piece… in my heart and mind, I could almost hear the sound of light rain falling… I hope you’re able to hear that as well. Here’s what I completed this morning in the studio… “Renewal (Gentle Spring Rain)”

CD release info coming soon…

You Were Meant To Soar – Video Preview

Yesterday morning & today, we were seriously snowed in here in Western SD… so I’ve been sitting in my office/studio looking out my window watching the snow come down. It’s lovely in a lot of ways… and the rhythm of the snow falling has a way of causing my memory to drift to a simpler time.

I am not sure why I revert so often to my dad… or the memories of my dad… but I just do…

Anyway… I found myself drifting off into the memories of watching my dad build kites from newspaper and wood. I was about 5 years old at the time… and my dad would sit me on a chair in the kitchen as he would cut balsa wood, string and newspaper… eventually forming a kite that was meant to soar!

Back then we didn’t have electronics to occupy out time… it didn’t take much to entertain ourselves… do you remember such times too?

Well… once the kite was done, my dad and I would head out into the backyard and ready the kite for flight!

Once the kite was airborne I would sit next to my dad and watch the kite dance upon the wind!

It was during such times my dad would speak into my life and being and I’ll forget him saying these words… “Ken, you are meant to soar… you are made to dance upon the wind!’ He would continue… “Ken… whatever you want to do in life, you can do it! The only limitations you’ll ever experience are the limitations you place upon yourself!”

So yesterday… as I remembered… as I considered… I simply wrote another piece in memory of dad. *misty eyed*

It is called “You were meant to soar.”

I recorded late into the night… into the quiet hours…


It’s time to pick myself up… and go…

I’ve been extremely distracted… and somewhat discouraged. For years… I’ve dreamt of recording an album as beautiful as the recordings that Will Ackerman releases. I’ve dreamt of recording in a place like Imaginary Roads Studio (Will’s studio in Vermont)… and yes, I’ve been able to begin a project with Will Ackerman at the production desk… and the amazing Tom Eaton engineering this potential release. Sadly… due to financial reasons I have not been able to complete this effort. I cannot find the words to articulate the disappointment I feel in regard to that effort. Promises were made to support the project from outside sources… but for whatever reason, the promised support has remained unfulfilled… thus leaving me holding the bag to make up the difference. So… my Will Ackerman produced release is presently in limbo.

I think this level of discouragement has left me feeling somewhat beaten, lifeless and uninspired. Thus… no real news here… no updates, etc.

It’s time to pick myself up and get to work!

I may not have a studio as wonderful and grand as Imaginary Roads Studio… but I have the capability to record and produce myself… and release recordings to you all. In fact… all the downloads featured on my site here, were recorded and produced in my little recording studio… Wind & Wheat Music Studio. So… I am writing to say I am going to find a way to complete the seasonal “Reflection” series… Summer, Autumn and Winter are done and are available… Spring Reflections is about half way done. So… here we go!

Here’s a preview of a recent recording called “Morning Prayer” which is slated to be included on Spring Reflections!

Stay tuned as this process continues… and please, may I say to everyone who has ever purchased my recordings in the past… THANK YOU!!! Your love, support and encouragement has meant so much to me… I appreciate you hanging in there!

Moving forward…