Crazy Week-end!

posterAs a full time musician… I thrive on playing music LIVE and playing as much as I can! My livelihood depends on it… but, it’s also FUN! I was made for the road…

My week-end officially started Friday evening with an Avalon Roads (Katie Lautenschlager & I – celtic duo) event at Prairie Berry Winery. The event was a huge success as the event was sold out. We played for 2 hours solid! By the time we were done, my hands were slightly sore, which is fine… I LOVE this!

metroSaturday morning, I hit the road with my good friend Stuart Jenner. And by the way, he and I are starting a guitar company… building handcrafted, custom made electrics and acoustic guitars! The name of the company is called Selah Guitars. Look for us on Facebook and follow the birth of a new guitar company… would love to see you there! Anyway, our trip would take us to Casper, WY. Saturday evening we played at the Metro Coffeehouse… a wonderful group of friends came out for the evening. All in all a great evening!

stuSunday morning, Stuart and I played at local church called Casper Foursquare Church. Musically, it was great… and interestingly so because I was running on very little sleep as my dog Aubrey was diagnosed with a heart condition early in the week. This that time, every night has been a stressful time… and being away from home, I was awakened to an emergency at 4:00 in the morning and was up until about 7:00 am before I was able to get 30 mins of sleep before I had to head to the church for set up and sound check. Having Stuart along made a HUGE difference… what a gift he is to me! And… he’s like a son to me. I am blessed! So again… in spite of everything, Sunday mornings concert went amazingly well!

After spending some time with some friends… we were off and running, driving back to Rapid City because Avalon Roads was booked to play at the MUMPS Festival at 6:20 pm. I made it back just in time to warm up with Katie. There were a few extremely minor spots that were weren’t in sync musically, but… other than that, we ripped through our set playing extremely well! We were well received!

I came home to find Aubrey excited for my return (seeing that was HUGE) and she & I stayed together for the rest of the evening as I napped here and there.

This morning, she is doing better… the meds are settling in and she is more and more acting like herself! But we have a long way to go… but I am holding to hope!

Later on today, I head back into the Studio with a good buddy Woody Earwood (co producer) to work on a song called “Drive Ahead.” I am extremely excited about this new music… and can’t wait to share it with you all!

Studio Update #1

dahl1Before I get to the “studio update…” last night I got the share a song at the Emerging Artist Open Mic event at the Dahl Fine Arts Center here in Rapid City. Right now in this season of my life… I am wanna play as many ‘open mics’ as possible. I know sounds crazy for someone who has played up to 150 shows a year… but, I am wanting to develop this new sound and music and this one great way to do it!

Last night’s open mic was a HUGE success. I was joined by Woody (Daniel) Earwood on mandolin, Stuart Jenner on second guitar and Katie Lautenschlager (my musical partner in Avalon Roads) on the fiddle. The song I chose was “Let It Fly.” The response was overwhelming… one person came up to me afterwards and noted that he had goose bumps, while others noted that our set was the best of the evening. Now… there are many amazing musicians in our area, so I wouldn’t go so far the say that we are the best… but the sentiment was appreciated greatly! I think the song really struck a chord!

Tonight… myself, Woody and Stuart will be heading up to Hill City to play at this evenings ‘open mic’ at Chute Roosters!

Now… onto the the Studio Update…

The work we accomplished Thursday evening, well… we ended up trashing it! I know… crazy, but… working with Daniel Earwood… we both are committed to getting the best for this project. SO… all the work up til about, 10 pm last night… TRASHED. We started all over… and I have to tell you… you are going to love this song! Within a couple of hours we were able to re-piece the song with new parts and the groove is so gorgeous… wow! ANYWAY, it’s basically done… next editing… and an iTunes single release/preview is coming soon!!!

I can’t wait to share this new song with you all!!! Stay tuned!!!

Recording already?

VeilCoverYes! Yes! Yes… I have started to record another EP! This time I am recording at D&D Studios (Rapid City, SD) with Daniel Earwood and I producing!

“Let It Fly” was an experiment of sorts. I wanted the overall sound to have a LIVE, RAW & LOOSE feel… so I recorded my parts LIVE… vocals, guitar, etc. Now I have recorded that way in the past… but that was another time, technology, etc. I am super happy with results on “Let It Fly”… but I will never recorded that way again, at least I am pretty sure I won’t! The post production was a HUGE challenge to complete and I am ready to record with another approach.

“Through the veil of tears” is the working title I have chosen for this next EP release. It will continue in the veil of “Let It Fly” but this time… it will be a little more polished. When I say “polished” I mean production-wise… the sound will still be an americana, roots, folk singer-songwriter sound. Judging from what we accomplished today… I have no doubts, it is going to a great release!

ddstudio2 ddstudio vocals2 woody1

NEW RELEASE!!! “Let It Fly”

Greetings Everyone!!!

I am excited to inform you that my new EP “Let It Fly” is now available for download!

This is something I’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time… I feel as though I am exactly where I am suppose to be right now, and… this music is a result of that new confidence growing within me. I LOVE acoustic folky music… singer-songwriter stuff and these songs have been lingering around my heart and life for awhile now. Feels good to have them recorded and I am looking forward to releasing another EP soon! I’ve got some ideas brewing within me already… so stay tuned, there is more music coming!

The inspiration for “Let It Fly” comes from my dad, Edward Allen Verheecke. As a young boy… maybe around 5 years of age, I remember watching my dad fashion kites out of newspaper and wood. He loved the concept of flight… and each time a kite was built, we would take into the back yard and watch the wind lift it into those fluffy cloudy Illinois afternoons! During those times… as the kite would “dance upon the wind” my dad would say to me…

“Ken, you were made to soar… you were created to dance upon the wind… and you can do whatever you want in life… the only limitations you’ll ever face are limitations you place on yourself.”

On May 1st of 1992, my dad passed away… I miss him dearly and his words still reverberate within my life and being! With the release of this project… I am finally starting to believe the words he spoke over me and I am taking flight!!!

I HOPE this recording encourages you to believe in yourself too… because this is the reality, YOU were created to SOAR too!!! You were given gifts and abilities for a reason and purpose… you’re here by design, you are not a mistake! Let’s take the wings of the morning… and celebrate together this wonderful gift of life!


$5.00 Download

This is Ken’s first studio/vocal album release since 2004!

This 5 song EP release contains some of Ken’s most personal songs to date. At times confessional, at others telling a story… or reflecting on this amazing gift we call life.

It is folky, americana, singer-songwriter, roots acoustic based music that will bless and encourage you to reach for the sky! We all were created to soar… to dance upon the wind in this life.

Go FOR IT!!!

Let It Fly!!!

In the studio!!!

Greetings from windy, chilly western South Dakota!!!

studioI am presently in the studio! I am recording a 5 song EP called “Let It Fly.” As of this writing I am approx. 60% done… and I’ve even been recording today. Sadly today it’s slow going… but, as John Denver once sang… “some days are diamonds, some days are stone.” So even though things may not be all that smooth, it’s at least moving! I hope to be done sometime next week!

But… I do have a preview for you!

It’s a video for my song “It’s Been Awhile.” It’s a song of longing… and that feeling we all have when we’re missing a loved one. It’s the first song on the ep! Hope you enjoy it!