New Kickstarter Project!!!

“The work Ken and I have been doing together in the studio has been brilliant and inspirational… some of the finest guitar composition and performance I’ve heard in years.”

Will Ackerman
Founder of Windham Hill Records

On December 15th & 16th, I started recording “Drifting Into The Sublime” with Grammy Award Winner Will Ackerman producing! It was an amazing time and much was accomplished as I recorded 7 tracks… all basic guitar parts in the hopes to add greater instrumentation as the project progresses!

I NEED your help to complete the next phase of the project… recording 6 more songs of basic guitar tracks, as well as adding some bass parts provided by bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Paul Simon, James Taylor etc.) and percussionist Jeff Haynes (best known for his work with Pat Metheny).

Together we can create great art and music… music that I hope will bring hope, and peace in a restless world!

Click here to view information and video… thanks so much!!!

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