kvopenmicWelcome to my site! I am glad you stopped by. I am a full time musician based in Rapid City, SD and I am thrilled and blessed to be living out a dream of sharing and playing the music of my heart and life. I hope it somehow makes a difference in the world today! Music and art has a powerful way of showing us what the realities of life… be it a joy or a sorrow.

Within each heart and life are deep internal motivations. We are driven to express… to communicate… to move to the rhythm of a passion to know and be known. We have been given an ability to think and dream and engage all that is around us… but yet there is a longing for a meaningful interaction with a world that is seemingly beyond our grasp. So begins the journey of the heart… desperate to experience life and all it has to offer.

The songs upon this site are mile marker moments within this journey. They are intersections of time when I was moved to express an experience… be it a celebration or a moment of sadness it is all sincere and honest… it is my journey. I hope as you listen to these songs… that you will be encouraged in your journey and that you are ultimately able to find your way within this marvelous gift of LIFE.

I am available to share music in schools, libraries, senior centers, camps, parties, travel clubs, concerts and festivals.
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